rearviewmirror (rearviewmirror) wrote,

katrina relief via your cell phone ... now with added anitioxidants!

i was looking at my wallpaper options on my cellphone, and came across ones entitled

"katrina relief"

with the disclaimer:

"proceeds derived from the sale of hurricane katrina wallpaper will be donated to hurricane katrina charities"

i think i just threw up a little in my mouth.

thats horrible. what a horrible idea.

who comes up with this stuff? moreover, who buys it?

geez. isn't there a saying there's a sucker born every minute? apparently, there's a market for them at wallpaper universe. and probably a few other places.

one of the interesting things about public health school is that you have an interesting viewpoint about these sorts of things. its at a level that is removed slightly from ground zero, but with statistical and epidemiological data that makes us more knowledgeable than the media and the average consumer at the mercy thereof. the people here in ny are in a unique place. sars, anthrax, west nile, trade center events, smoking bands, and a host of other issues have placed the city in unique position for "forced" participation in local/national/international public health arenas.

there are a number of views and issue that can be addressed and argued about the incidents that happened down there. and they all have been. some ad nauseam and with others, it will never be enough.

but buying cellphone wallpaper for $1.99 is not the way to show support.
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