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corpse bride holds more meaning than nightmare... and how tim burton is my father...

so i saw corpse bride the other day...

its wonderful. absolutely wonderful.

though i must say, ironically, its more of a symbolic representation of my life than nightmare before christmas was.

as some of you may recall, i recently parted with someone who also thought that nightmare before christmas was her story as well, and that the parallels were so blatant and meaningful and applicable to both our lives that one had to just see the movie to realize just how much the movie encapsulated our relationship.

that i was jack, and she was sally.

and that somehow, over the course of the plot of our own lives, that what was resolved in an hour and a half on film was resolved in a tad bit longer in our own.

and that our relationship was truly meant to be.

well. we know how that one ends. not quite according to the predestined script.

however, what i must say about corpse bride is its own message, familiar yet quite its own story from nightmare, now holds a very dear place in my heart.

what i especially like is the different way this story went in the end. how in fact, depending on who you are relating to in the story, it is both a love story and a tragedy. how it is all in the eyes of the viewer, how the story eventually works out for the trio.

and i couldn't help but laugh at the irony of it all.

from the corpse bride's taking of victor back underground when confronted with another woman, to the black widow and the worm being proponents of their relationship .. egging her on and telling her that her talents and skills will woo him into submission and that despite her doubts, that they'd make a "cute couple". to victor wanting to exist, without the turmoil in his heart, just to run, run as far away as he can from the corpse bride and back to where he belongs. and yet, she pursues him. doesn't trust him, and rips him away from the true woman he loves. the symbolism goes on and on.

it ends fairly similar too. at the end, when the corpse bride walks away, she mentions that victor has set her free. and that's what i did. set her free. i voiced my opinion, how i felt, and it was ill received. so i decided it would be easiest if i turned into what she thought i was all along. it would make me easier to hate. and through that measure, she could be free. free of love for me. so that she could carry on with her life and forever remember me as the one whom is not worth it. not worth it to love.

with that, she would never doubt how she felt. never feel it was her fault. never realize that this was why i did what i did. and for that reason, and that reason alone, there exist two endings to the same tragic tale.

i suppose "some things were just never meant to be".
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